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We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for milling projects, offering a seamless and efficient approach. Our milling cell includes:

  • Robotic Arm: We offer either a KUKA KR240 or KR210, both meticulously refurbished by our team of expert KUKA technicians and paired with a KRC2ed05 controller.
  • Spindle: Equipped with an automatic tool changer, available in air or water-cooled variants.
  • Tooling: A basic set of 5 bits and 5 cones, enabling versatility for a wide range of milling tasks.
  • Tool Holder Station: Includes sensors and a calibration tool for precise operations.
  • Sprutcam Robot License: Enjoy the benefits of a complete Sprutcam Robot License (
  • Installation and Training: We handle installation, provide basic training for KUKA robot operators, and introduce you to the Sprutcam software.


Additional Options:
  • Turning Table: Upgrade your setup with a turning table supporting up to 1 ton of weight for an additional €9,900.
  • Linear Track: Extend your workspace with a linear track of up to 15 meters.
  • Hot wire cutting device.

Also, we can offer other robots such as KUKA KR210, KR180, KR360  KRC4. Please contact us to find the best robot for your application.

Our system with KRC2, originally priced at €65.800, is now available at a special offer price of €59.800 for Foam and Wood or €69.500 for Marble/Stone.

Please for KRC4 KUKA controller quotes contact us.

Our integrated solution offers ease of use, utilizing high-quality components while maintaining affordability. Notably, this system can be adapted, with minor adjustments, for use as a CNC plasma cutting machine (2D or 3D), offering an expansive working area.

Step into the realm of robotics with minimal investment. Robotic milling is a precise process, shaping materials such as plastic, metal, foam, wood, and alloys. Milling robots excel in achieving exact cuts and intricate shapes, encompassing two stages: material removal and finishing. These robots execute movements accurately, producing high-quality components with fine details, profiles, openings, and even three-dimensional surface contours.

Our automated robot machining systems are flexible and versatile, designed to cater to specific material removal needs. Milling robots follow PTP movements (point to point) or 3D programming, providing a vast workspace. This adaptable robotic solution proves to be cost-effective and highly flexible, making it one of the most profitable options.

Our milling robot work cells are designed with multi-part accessories in mind. At Usedrobots, we assist you in selecting the ideal machining robot, be it new or used, from renowned brands like FANUC, ABB, Motoman, and KUKA. All our reconditioned milling robots undergo rigorous testing by robotics specialists, ensuring utmost quality and reliability.

When you choose our milling system, you also gain access to expert guidance from our partners in the field of milling and machining robots.

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