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3D Printing Robot

We provide 3D concrete printing services to customers in the global construction industry. Our aim is to make 3D concrete printing accessible to everyone.

Our comprehensive offering includes:

  • the required hardware;
  • software;
  • educational materials to simplify the intricate construction process.

Our 3D printers offer an exceptional solution to your construction needs with their fast cycle time, swift changeovers, and unvarying precision.

The Robot 3D

Moveable Printer is ideal for construction firms and precast facilities due to its portability.

This 3D concrete printer is designed for use on different sites. For effortless operation on any terrain, the KUKA robotic arm is installed on a crawler with rubber tracks.

The machine is stabilized during printing by hydraulic feet that can expand, increasing the overall print height of the project.

A special mixture is transported through a concrete pump hose to the robotic arm, where it is 3D printed at a programmed location following mixing by a pump system.

The robot is operated by a control unit running on Sprutcam software.

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