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Unlock Precision Control with KUKA Teach Pendants

We offer a comprehensive selection of refurbished KUKA teach pendants, designed to empower your automation processes with precision and efficiency. Our range includes the renowned KUKA KRC4 and KRC2 teach pendants, meticulously refurbished by our expert technicians to meet the highest industry standards.

KUKA KRC4 Teach Pendant: The KUKA KRC4 teach pendant is a state-of-the-art control device, known for its intuitive interface and advanced features. This teach pendant provides seamless control over your KUKA robots, allowing you to program complex tasks with ease. It’s the ideal choice for optimizing your automation operations.

KUKA KRC2 Teach Pendant: For those who prefer the reliability and familiarity of the KUKA KRC2 series, we also offer refurbished KRC2 teach pendants. These robust control devices provide precise command over your KUKA robots, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your manufacturing processes.

Experience Precision and Reliability: Every KUKA teach pendant we offer comes with a 6-month guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of quality. Whether you choose the KRC4 or KRC2 series, you can expect top-tier performance and longevity.


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